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Sandra Abrams
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Sandra Abrams These guys just keep getting better and better. So far my favorites on Sighted are tracks 6, 9 and 11. I predict 11, Sleep Complex, will be a big hit--it's my favorite of my favorites. Awesome job Even Hand!! Favorite track: Sleep Complex.
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Casette available from Stupid Bag Records:


released May 30, 2016

Mike Borth - Guitar & Vocals
Dan Edelman - Drums
Dominic Armao - Bass

Jeff Cunningham played the other guitar on Mystery Is
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by John Meredith at Mollusk Studio


tags: rock New York


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Even Hand Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Line Out
Sight line to source
Form constant void

In the shade of a missive
In the panicked dawn
You said I can't see what's coming
but it won't be long
I built my line out
of this unending turn
Because I was formed at that ending,
formed to leave what I learn
Track Name: Mystery Is
In a caustic cove
made up of cut up light,
you won't be revealing
just what it is you will choose
From your look
there comes windlike speech
Mystery's a virtue
I can't want what I know

Now it's so low it's high
There's a comfort in your distance
Nothing's coming close

My fall into you is a cold lesson in time
Mystery's your sphere now
and I'm walking through my spectator mind

Now it's so gone it's mine
There's a comfort in your measure
Nothing's coming close
Track Name: Telewater
Concave in your lot,
keeping what you got
Don't fear, you're making it all right,
in the light of
Stacked against the noon
Grey wired gloom and you
You are a ray in late slow waves

Cascades all through the night

Sent with what's been done
Outside everyone
They will not take you there above,
in the light of
Your eyes over the steppe
No way through all the ways
You wait
You're in the lens of place

Let the currents here decide
All the shared pay and all the messes we made,
they're turning back into a style of smoke
There's a haze in the distance coming over the hills
and it's taking what I never took
The pages rain down all around this town
and they're torn from The Art Of War
Hotel fever in the heat of debt and now I'm not your one
Don't walk Don't leave

I'm in hock
I'm in deep
I'm unfeeling
Can't understand
At a loss in the lie of the land

Elevated station going over the sun
I'm a shadow falling over the street
The good stay gone and the rest are the born
There's not a single thing I'm willing to keep
I got my bated breath for the satellite death
All the lies that I told were for you
And now I'm laid up counting, against the wall
Can't turn Won't move Can't speak
Nothing was first

Alone and seething under your hand
At a loss in the lie of the land

I'm left with what you said
I'm kneeling in the red
I gotta beg just to know what to get
Track Name: Holes In The Ceiling
Now I know
you're just alive when you're leaving
Lust is pain without end
and I'm a friend to the feeling

I'm no one and another
One by one I put holes in the ceiling
I'm no one now
For fun I put holes in the ceiling
Track Name: Nightsmoke The Fuss
Hey listen can you let me into your club
so I can quit your club
and then I can laugh at you
from that burning window over there
(which I love)?
I have yet to make an official complaint
but I seem to be stuck in some sort of cosmic jail
I don't like this place's cologne-sponsor
and I've spilled several things on The Care Console

You watch this valley meet the sky
But those distant lights they don't shine

I hate you and it's pretty simple and I'm sticking to it
except I forgive you and I kind of like you
Lightbulb in a diamondshaped cage, take it easy
Do not shake your head, don't unsheathe your gavel,
all motion's a crime
We'll go around back, huff the good stuff,
and get steady petty bye

Uncanny Valley nightsmokes the fuss
Umbut those pretty lights they don't shine

Handsome android pushing a wheel asks me if I'm real
I smell my flowers and say,
"Please respect the human wave attack.
And fuck you"
Track Name: Code Book (The Accomplice)
Waiting out my sense of doubt
and at dusk it all comes out
EKG lines and whirling rinds
Bad era newsprint fatigue
There's a smoke curse inside my sleep
Now which of you put that in me?
Magnetic seas and eternal rooms
Neomagic lotto tomb

Moan of receiver
I conduct this dream
Technoeros (relief)
I'm gonna mimic what I see
but harvest metals deep beneath
Lazy outlaw in the data winds
blowing dust out of the cartridge
They say let yourself be loved
Why? You helped make this world

Feedback garlands all the night
Track Name: Way Station
I will leave
My life's going to be clean
Electricity pure,
and coursing through the walls of a precise house
Here there are leaves in the corners,
in cursed autumnal light,
and the outlets are selective

At the edge of the plains,
where the spheres meet,
where the future churns,
there are vague instructions
and at last a haze of gestating images

When I leave good things are going to happen to everything
Silverblue rails braid in another dawn
A hidden joke in the Arrivals board
and a rolodex of strange text
Standing microphone on a book of numbers
Proofs carved into the stall walls
The phone rings but my hands...
Forget it
Every line out is a broken route
and every sound a portent

She said I'm already here but that can't be so
I can hear the drone song of my departure
surging out from the governing pylons,
the healing air coming over, eddies of warring narratives
Must I uh... move the station?
Must I make bleed the environs?
There have always been clues
and I've long-suspected a game, a code,
an equation I must unlock

When I leave I will have no rest and no rivals
My actions will be fluid and right and beyond judgment
Storm geometry no more,
only my micropatterned machine-woven no-place

I wait sunstained in the long powdered windows
It's been both one day and ten million
Track Name: Vehicle
Take me over there
It's always over there

Pleasure center addict
Axis mundi <= fiending

Meta incognita imperative
Manifest my new fix
or keep me in the K-complex
Track Name: Sleep Complex
Did away with whatever stayed in the wake of your latest storm
Callous and anonymous in a long lost trend of my own
It's a hiding or a falling out, nothing's going to change us now
There's a shift in the crowded air
and I don't want to know the sound
But the sodium lights, they're burning bright
They're going to make us a new night home
Fate call makes the windows go
Drunks wading in the riverglow
All your plans and I won't interfere,
take us out of sight and silence in our final year
and down in that building do they dance at the shrine
going "Oh now we want it how we want it how we want"?

You led new and I followed you
through the pull of an open door
but in the strobing blackandwhite there's a syndrome vinegar
And this spiraling hall and its patterned walls,
they don't send what we thought we were
Chimera Street and its chemistry's
going to make it so we're never sure
Lost cause in the cipher wheel
going twice in the mirror of polished steel
and down in this hour do they get what they want
going "Oh this again this again this again"?
I don't want to see

There's a blight on the power plants
in the mesh and distant lights
Meadowlands and number rants
in the midst of rails and signs
Pylons going on binding down
It's a wire prophetic, humming now,
and I'm sorting through the lines of what I know
and what I don't

Did you lose all your vain control
and all the power that you thought you made?
In this cinema it all revolves and decays
Don't let me see
Track Name: On A Distant Distant Distant Day
Hiding from the world
The glare and toll have no burn
Diviner in the street,
she finds the fine blood in a stream
You laughed on the sill and smoked
and said "It's fucked still"
But keep me around, I'm going to be a perfect friend
on a distant distant distant day

Flowers in the fence,
you're going to ask every last one
Over in that lot we long to be long and done
But tonight under the fan
we're going to thank the days we were made
Your man is decorated and bright
My line is plain
I'll ask you to stay
on a distant distant distant day