by Even Hand

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Cassette available from Stupid Bag Records (stupidbagrecords.storenvy.com).


released December 8, 2014

Mike Borth - Guitar and Vocals
Dan Edelman - Drums
Dominic Armao - Bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Meredith at Mollusk Studio. He also played keys on 2 and 8.


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


Even Hand Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Nocturnal Eyes
Gone to bed but not gone to sleep,
you can't stay in fire so you lie in sleet
When you feel the fall it's the words that form
in the cadent force that wants it all
City night fog malady in latest math reality
You've come to love to pay to sigh
Static brat still sobs suburban-"why?"
Nocturnal eyes

Sun again no fun again what's not there is not there again
Passion's a wind that won't stay the night,
the sleep of mind is the only rite
Dreaming's free when you let it be,
no-thought's a hallowed city
Don't block what knows, drink from the cup,
sempervirens has its mind made up
Nocturnal eyes

Spectral alphabets and old busted thinkscripts
built me my new necropolis
"Now I am become death," said Oppenheimer's cigarette
The screens are now reeling, in dusklight the two worlds are one
Nocturnal eyes
Track Name: In The Wrong
Once you get in the car, the last light's another escape start
Oh it's a sad thing to build a big system of lows
when your cold suns don't tell you where to go
How could I not know?
How could this be?
In the wrong, for so long
In the wrong, for too long

The dust reaches high through the trees
around the bleached-out signs
Oh there's a certain thing
within a never-make-it ride,
the world looping the original fratricide
What is there to know?
Oh it will be
In the wrong, for so long
In the wrong, for too long
Track Name: Kid Unkind
Reading the drugged men myths
in stereolight, smoke, and tape hiss
You know you have to be someone now and forever,
the way unknown
Seer of bad signs
Kid unkind

Steepleshadow and bored prowlcars and the family garden,
I'm gonna intake my way to a better place,
a hero's ward, a better place
Cruel youth of time
Kid unkind

You know there's that voice past the highway arc?
You know I'm tired of this project I'm not,
I'm going out into the echofont
Harsh wind of lie
Kid unkind
Track Name: Somewhere Inbetween
I won't run away,
but I'm not gonna stay

Somewhere inbetween
Track Name: When You Were
It took time in your life
You built the walls without the ground
and wore the work back down
When you were aerial god
you moved a mournful song of sight
down the channels of the night
When you were

On this side it's not our time
Flags of steam, an ocean's toll,
violent dreams made physical
When you were ringing call
you were gone in dark static fields,
now your hands see what is real
When you were

You learn to treat yourself like you'd never treat anyone else
Let's go a little to the measured side
I'll learn some kindness from you, you, the kind of kind I like
Track Name: The Palace Holographic / Dust Bath
When I touch a word it starts to recede down the stained glass hall cut by a dry floating sea. In the celestial dome I fall where I used to lean and talk to sense objects who seldom speak, the audio winds are my bad stories on repeat. I had something once and it's the same thing I want and will do nothing to get. I'd check my strongbox but I don't know where it went and I lost the key so now I have a useless prism sitting somewhere and that thing cost a lot of time and money both of which half-exist here which is everywhere unless it isn't.

Now the ends are all the same
Now the rooms are all the same
Every encounter a maze/haze
Now the ends are all the same
Changeless changed
Lonely meanings to lonely aims
Rapid-cycling tree in a violence of leaves

Thief in the darklight of the maelstrom sucking your power, that's me by the way, alone in the ruthless mandala of poison and catastrophe, almost struck by lightning, briefly disembodied in the lightplay of evaporated water on a wall, puzzled and drunk in the jail of sensations, traveling to the other side of space and emerg(we have to escape the great memory we have to reach the pre-beginning we have to get that equilibrium we gotta build that balance we have to make the inside out in the universe nursery have to fall in the only love have to read your body with my tongue come back to me I've changed in that I'm even more the same)ing from my own shallow canals, drooling over portraits that hate me, worshipping darkness, starting a fight with the roof, lighting the basement on fire, drowning all antennas, "it's good" -- I'm a liar, this isn't even my place, basically I am the thing I'm in, life is something or other, and could be forever.
Track Name: Only Now
Has he made his meaning?
Has he reason or reeling?
In this daze I've hated, will he come to me heated clean,
will I be sated?

It's been a long long wait, tell me straight,
I've got only now

Is he good?
Does he know the hold of a roaming low?
Is he cold?
When the world was born again in fire,
did he run? bribe? take it in stride?
did he hide?

And does he think?
Do his thoughts drink?
Is he a while away? Is he a wasted day?
What's his name for fear?
I've been unfair, I've been a liar,
but do his wild oats grow on a distant coast?
What does he honor?
Track Name: New Wilderness
And burn green
and unseen
and live in carnivorous gardens
Find breath in dissonance,
it's a new wilderness
(I've got the frontier spins),
but it has always been/never been
Track Name: Radiant State
You're the one I want
You're the one I hold
The clouds glow with city maps of gold
I speak a million romance tongues,
my thoughts are finally done,
and it's a radiant state

If there are secrets to know I know them all
I demand clarity and it answers my call
Fear's for the false and I'm afraid no more
I was so lost but I got my door

I'm a simple simple thing in a loving way--
confusion's the fate for those who can't wait--
and it's a radiant state
Track Name: Lover's Oath
When we met you were tying bows in horsehair,
motes in the air, golden in your mansion's stare
I defied it, I defy them all,
and they ask me how I got so low
I took a lover's oath

Your beauty is a divine virus
Tense and tired I've walked the stones of this new age
Electric sage. Imperial blaze. (You were just here)
On so many waves alone
with fumes and poems...
You put me so low
with my lover's oath

When the coast cities were lit and seized,
the map remade, new temporal key,
I pierced the line to find you
but in your broken flat only two ticket receipts
and a photo of you and her
Why must you put me down so low
with my lover's oath?