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All the shared pay and all the messes we made,
they're turning back into a style of smoke
There's a haze in the distance coming over the hills
and it's taking what I never took
The pages rain down all around this town
and they're torn from The Art Of War
Hotel fever in the heat of debt and now I'm not your one
Don't walk Don't leave

I'm in hock
I'm in deep
I'm unfeeling
Can't understand
At a loss in the lie of the land

Elevated station going over the sun
I'm a shadow falling over the street
The good stay gone and the rest are the born
There's not a single thing I'm willing to keep
I got my bated breath for the satellite death
All the lies that I told were for you
And now I'm laid up counting, against the wall
Can't turn Won't move Can't speak
Nothing was first

Alone and seething under your hand
At a loss in the lie of the land

I'm left with what you said
I'm kneeling in the red
I gotta beg just to know what to get


from Sighted, released May 30, 2016


tags: rock New York


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Even Hand Brooklyn, New York

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