Nightsmoke The Fuss

from by Even Hand



Hey listen can you let me into your club
so I can quit your club
and then I can laugh at you
from that burning window over there
(which I love)?
I have yet to make an official complaint
but I seem to be stuck in some sort of cosmic jail
I don't like this place's cologne-sponsor
and I've spilled several things on The Care Console

You watch this valley meet the sky
But those distant lights they don't shine

I hate you and it's pretty simple and I'm sticking to it
except I forgive you and I kind of like you
Lightbulb in a diamondshaped cage, take it easy
Do not shake your head, don't unsheathe your gavel,
all motion's a crime
We'll go around back, huff the good stuff,
and get steady petty bye

Uncanny Valley nightsmokes the fuss
Umbut those pretty lights they don't shine

Handsome android pushing a wheel asks me if I'm real
I smell my flowers and say,
"Please respect the human wave attack.
And fuck you"


from Sighted, released May 30, 2016


tags: rock New York


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Even Hand Brooklyn, New York

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