Sleep Complex

from by Even Hand



Did away with whatever stayed in the wake of your latest storm
Callous and anonymous in a long lost trend of my own
It's a hiding or a falling out, nothing's going to change us now
There's a shift in the crowded air
and I don't want to know the sound
But the sodium lights, they're burning bright
They're going to make us a new night home
Fate call makes the windows go
Drunks wading in the riverglow
All your plans and I won't interfere,
take us out of sight and silence in our final year
and down in that building do they dance at the shrine
going "Oh now we want it how we want it how we want"?

You led new and I followed you
through the pull of an open door
but in the strobing blackandwhite there's a syndrome vinegar
And this spiraling hall and its patterned walls,
they don't send what we thought we were
Chimera Street and its chemistry's
going to make it so we're never sure
Lost cause in the cipher wheel
going twice in the mirror of polished steel
and down in this hour do they get what they want
going "Oh this again this again this again"?
I don't want to see

There's a blight on the power plants
in the mesh and distant lights
Meadowlands and number rants
in the midst of rails and signs
Pylons going on binding down
It's a wire prophetic, humming now,
and I'm sorting through the lines of what I know
and what I don't

Did you lose all your vain control
and all the power that you thought you made?
In this cinema it all revolves and decays
Don't let me see


from Sighted, released May 30, 2016


tags: rock New York


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Even Hand Brooklyn, New York

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